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It's a NORTH FORK celebration!!

Updated: Jun 17

Celebrate with us with us on May 15th at the Halyard at Sound View!

Another year of weekly Friday NOFO LIVE shows has flown by and it's time for the 2nd Annual NOFO LIVE celebration!

Experience the excitement of the NOFO LIVE Show Podcast, showcasing three years of wonderful conversations. We've had the pleasure of featuring so many amazing local guests these past Fridays, who shared their local insights and experiences with us. We look forward to stepping outside of our phone screens and welcome the opportunity to connect with each and everyone of you LIVE in person.

We have a fun-filled evening planned. The evening will include delicious food from the Halyard, local North Fork beer & wine and a refreshing welcome cocktail.

Wednesday, May15th


The Halyard at Sound View

This gathering for ALL members of our North Fork community, including our show guests and weekly viewers. Together, we are making a positive impact on this beautiful corner of the world through your everyday contributions!

Click here for highlights from last year's event. 💙

Don't miss out, be sure to buy your tickets in advance, if last year was any indication, they are sure to sell out quickly.

We can't wait to celebrate all the amazing people featured in our 3rd year of NOFO LIVE episodes and toast to the incredible accomplishments of our fellow community members.


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